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Firecracker Chilli Dipping Jam

Daddy Cool set himself the task of bringing a kick of energy back to the ever-dulling kitchens of the world. Creative juices seemed to be drying up, enthusiasm was reaching an all-time low and food started to look and taste really sad, really quick. So, in a moment of sheer madness, Daddy Cool figured out that nothing livens things up like a firecracker chilli jam in the kitchen!
Now for obvious reasons, we would never encourage explosives in a kitchen but if you could hear “flavours” then we’d advise you to wear some ear protection as this beauty goes off with a bang as it’s “fearless”.

SUGGESTED USES: This medium heat chilli jam has been listed as a ‘Dipping Jam’ because its oozy goodness and is in a league of its own. The sweet heat kick makes it versatile like many other Daddy Cool products. Perfect for both hot and cold meals. Drizzle it on a sandwich or add it to a homemade marinara sauce to make your meatballs the talking point of any dinner party. Drizzle over any pasta dishes, great with cheese or mix it with mayo for a cool dipping sauce for the kids.

Firecracker Jam