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Winner of the 2021 Canadian Hot Sauce Award for Best New Sauce and Silver Medal winner in the 2023 Heating Up The Prairies, Curry category, Curry Curry Hard is an adapted dal tadka recipe using curried lentils with our own Amish paste tomatoes and a tadka of toasted spices blended with rice vinegar and fermented habanero peppers. The flavour is just classic curry, and the lentils add a really unique mouthfeel to this medium heat sauce. If you want a real trip to flavour town, mix Curry Curry Hard with some mayo for a dip that works as well with carrot sticks as it does with thick cut fries.
The lentils get really thick when they're cold, but heating the bottle or adding a splash of water gets them out of the bottle and onto your plate where they belong.

Curry Curry Hard

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