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Indian Naga Pickle  – Bulletproof

Our Naga Pickle gets its name from the two types of chillies we use in the product. The Naga Chilli and the Bullet Chilli.

Sometimes an Indian Naga Chilli Pickle is so salty and not right for the job. Each jar of our Bulletproof Naga Pickle is bursting with flavour because we use only the freshest of ingredients. This pickle is so great with any veg or meat dish you’ll be crazy not to like it.

It’s such an authentic  flavour it turns any bland meal into a delicious one. There’s nothing not to like about it, it’s goes great with every savoury meal. It’s an extra hot Naga Chilli Pickle so be warned it won’t take any prisoners.

If you already like our Bulletproof Naga Chilli Pickle then why not try our limited edition Superhot Cranberry Naga Pickle. It’s so, so sweet and very, very spicy. This is only released around the Xmas period and sells very fast, it’s a lot of volcanic lava in a jar. Moderation is the key.

SUGGESTED USES: Used in small amounts you’ll like the flavour of the pickle without the intense heat. Myself on the other hand love the burn. Recommended using 1 tsp to your curry for 3-4 people. Mix it in biryani, hot soups, chicken wings, ribs or steak, even use as a sandwich spread. We’ve even heard it goes great with a cheese toastie but that we’ve yet to try.

Bulletproof Naga Pickle